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Welcome to Frank’s Backpackers Hostel

I’m offering maximum 5 beds in a shared dormitory room in the Netherlands, 22km from Eindhoven Airport, 60km from Weeze airport and about 100km from Amsterdam and Maastricht Airport.
Only 1 bed, maximum 2, could be yours during your stay. 
For a price from €15 per bed per night.
This is about 4 times cheaper than the usual budget options in the area, including free use of shared kitchen, common room, WiFi, bed linen, hot shower, wc, etc.
As I have more requests than I can handle, 
I want to select the most self-sufficient applicants fit for this innovative and unusual accommodation concept.
Those who are interested in meeting fellow guests, who also have the courage to travel alone, 
and can convince me to be able to keep everything in the same place and state.
If you are interested, please send me a brief message explaining what actions you are willing to take to:
1 keep surfaces free from mold and lime scale without anyone cleaning.
2 keep your seperated garbage from attracting insects and mice inside the building.
3 maintain an open friendly atmosphere without using drugs.
4 find your way, entering with a door code without anyone to show you around.
5 keep yourself warm in winter at a temperature of 17 to max. 19 Celsius.
Looking forward to your response and please just be yourself.


Here’s a video to show you around:

Please don’t miss it.

Thanks, Frank



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Single bed – € 15.00 (Per person per night)

Extra fee of €2 is added if you only stay 1 night

Double bed – € 30.00 (Per person per night)

FAQs about Frank’s Backpackers Hostel

Please note that this property doesn’t offer a reception.

Please note that the property needs to receive a copy of the guest’s passport before sending over the access code for entering any time you want.

Please note that there’s no cleaning team following you, you are in charge keeping your space clean.

Please note that you need to make clear that you understand the unusual actions needed to keep everything in the same state.

Please note that in winter the temperature will be 19 degrees Celsius in the common room and probably lower in the dormitory room depending on keeping doors shut.

Please note that the shower can only be closed with a curtain, no door lock.

How much does it cost to stay at Frank's Backpackers?

.The prices at Frank’s Backpackers include all taxes and are stable being €15 or €30

Can I park a car/bike at Frank's Backpackers hostel?

The following parking options are available to guests staying at Frank’s Backpackers (subject to availability):

  • Free parking starting around the corner
  • Availability for 1 bike inside
What activities can I do at Frank's Backpackers hostel?

Frank’s Backpackers offers the following activities / services (free of charge):


How far is Frank's Backpackers hostel from the city center?

Frank’s Backpackers is 450 m from the center, 500m from Helmond CS.

How can I get to Frank's Backpackers hostel from the nearest airports?


    Take bus 401 to the central station of Eindhoven. Take the train to Venlo/Deurne and get out at Helmond.
    Take a taxibus or shuttlebus to Venlo central station. Take the train to Helmond central station.
What is the check-in and check-out time at Frank's Backpackers hostel?

Check-in at Frank’s Backpackers and check-out is any time you want but arriving after midnight doesn’t mean you only pay for the next night.
For example if you arrive after midnight of day 1 you start paying at day 1, not at day 2 and your bed needs to be available for new guests on the day of check out, after you wake up.
If you don’t check out before midnight of the next day because your flight leaves after midnight, you cannot use your bed.
So you pay per over night stay.

No house rules just an unusual concept of selfsufficiency

Meant for self-sufficient travelers, using a common language(English) to cooperate in using the same space, KEEPING EVERYTHING IN THE SAME PLACE/STATE.

The unusual part of this concept is

1 DRYING EVERYTHING you made wet.
So when you dripped on the floor, took a shower’ washed your dishes or brushed your teeth,
drying all sides and corners of dishes, taps, sinks, floor, water basin or shower.
This in order to prevent lime scale and mould, so directly after use!

2 SEPARATING GARBAGE into glass, plastic/metal and paper. Organic SMELLY GARBAGE OUTSIDE THE BUILDING in the appropriate METAL/PLASTIC or GREEN container outside.

3 WITHOUT USING, NOR BRINGING IN, alcohol, tobacco or other drugs,

4 NO RECEPTION, as I am usually not there when you arrive, but you will be able to get in, any time you want, using a door code.

5 This means there is NO CLEANING TEAM following you every day, only me
vacuum-cleaning once a week, so your floor is as clean as how you keep it.

In winter (Nov.-Mar.) you also need to agree on A TEMPERATURE OF 19 DEGREES in the common room, PROBABLY LOWER in the dorm, depending on keeping doors shut.

If you agree, would you please NAME OUR MUTUAL BENEFITS of these 5 unusual aspects?

This way we both will know what we do it for and that we will also enjoy this concept.

Please include a PICTURE OF YOUR PASSPORT DETAILS (at least nationality+number) so I can register you in advance and send you a door code to get in, any time you want.

I need you to complete this within at least 2 days in order to be able to arrange your stay as I will not be around much.

Here’s a video to show you around:

Thanks, Frank

Facilities of Frank’s Backpackers

* Toilet
* Toilet paper
* Shower


*no personal towel

Dormitory room

* Bedlinen

* Bed light

 *Electric outlets

*Electric Kettle





* Street view
* Garden view

* Outdoor fireplace
* BBQ facilities
* Garden

* Cutlery
* Dining table
* Cleaning products
* Stove
* Kitchenware
* Electric kettle
* Toilet
* Washing machine
* Dryer
* Herbs+salt

* Max. 2 Bikes available (free)
* Cycling
* Hiking Off-site
* Acroplay | Tangoplay | Playful sparring

Common room
* Seating/dancing Area


*Wired internet on old PC
* Wireless internet




* Lockers
* Luggage storage
* Laundry (Additional charge)

Safety & security
* Fire extinguishers
* Smoke alarms
* Safety deposit box

* Non-smoking throughout
*Tiles or parquet floors
*Heating maximum 19 Celcius
* Gym available (ask Frank)

* Entire unit located on ground floor

Languages spoken