You’re about to book your bed(s) in my 6-BEDDED dormitory room at Frank’s backpackers and got yourself the best price of the Netherlands.

With a reason though.

Little privacy as even the bathroom can not be locked and only be closed with a curtain.

Meant for self-sufficient travelers, using a common language(English) to cooperate in using the same space,


The unusual part of this concept is

1 DRYING EVERYTHING you made wet.
So when you took a shower’ washed your dishes or brushed your teeth,
it’s very important to be carefully drying all sides and corners of the whole shower cabin, sink, etc. directly after use!
This is necessary to prevent lime scale and mould.

2 SEPARATING GARBAGE into glass, plastic/metal, organic and paper. Plastic/metal packages containing food, even in microscopically small amounts, must be disposed OUTSIDE THE BUILDING in the appropriate orange METAL/PLASTIC container or when it’s purely organic, in the green container outside, to avoid mice and insects.

3 WITHOUT USING, NOR BRINGING IN, alcohol, tobacco or other drugs, or returning drunk yourself, but also the mess of cigarette butts and tobacco rests.

4 NO RECEPTION, as I am usually not there when you arrive, but you will be able to get in, any time you want, using a door code.

5 This means there is NO CLEANING TEAM following you every day, only me
vacuum-cleaning once in a while, so your floor is as clean as how you keep it.

In winter (Nov.-Mar.) you also need to agree on A TEMPERATURE OF 19 DEGREES in the common room, PROBABLY LOWER in the dorm, depending on keeping doors shut.

If you agree, would you please NAME THE 5 UNUSUAL ASPECTS YOU AGREE ON, (preferably in your own words) so there will be no misunderstanding.

and include a PICTURE OF YOUR PASSPORT DETAILS (or at least nationality+number) so I can register you in advance and send you a door code to get in, any time you want.

I need you to complete this within at least 48 hours in order to be able to arrange your stay as I will not be around much.

Here’s a video to show you around:

Please don’t miss it.

Thanks, Frank